Rang panchami in office!

Written on 3:54 AM by Tushar

Yesterday it rained heavily in Pune and all the balconies on the second floor of our office were flooded with water. The water entered into the work area and we had to put the disaster management principles to use:)… Quickly we shut down all the machines and had a rocking time playing ‘rang pachami’ in office!

Rajesh, Ganesh, Swati and Riyaz enjoying the shower!

Isn't this profession better than the software job!

Riyaz hit by a tsumani wave:)

Disaster management team(Adhish, Aditya and Dinesh) inspecting the damage done by the flood

Rain water harvesting!

Poor office boys burning the midnight oil to clean the mess.

wachel to wachel!

Written on 5:00 AM by Tushar

I love reading! Everyday I make it a point to read something let it be a novel or newspaper at least for half an hour no matter how tired I am. For past one and half months I have been reading this_

#Wise and otherwise by Sudha Murthy
It contains real life anecdotes described by Sudha Murthy, chairman of Infosys Foundation, who is working on a large scale towards reducing the social and economic imbalance in the society. All the stories are mostly about mundane topics but what I like the most is the message that Mrs. Murthy gives. Good read but I somehow found the language too simplistic.

#Who says elephants can’t dance? By Louis Gerstener
I’d never thought I’ll enjoy reading books about strategies, processes, project planning etc. but Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, proved me wrong! More about this whenever I finish it:)

#Marathi books by Va. Pu. Kale
When I was in school I used to read books like crazy. I’d joined two libraries and I used to read at the pace of a book in two days. Many times I used to go the library at 4 pm to return the book that I’d taken in the morning. The library staff used to wonder whether I’d actually read the book! I could not pursue marathi literature after 10th maybe because I got too busy with studies or got too engrossed in the sea of English literature. A month back when I realized that once I land in US it won’t be possible to get Marathi books to satiate my desire even when I am ready to spend big bucks then without wasting time I joined the same Marathi library which I used to go to in my school days. To my surprise even the staff was the same (and so were the books unfortunately!) and they were happy to see me. I had this rather bad habit of writing the name of the book on the back cover and when I issued the same books now I was elated to see my handwriting after years! It was an emotional trip down the memory lane!
I never read Va. Pu’s books at that time but when I listened to his ‘kathakathan’ I liked his style of narrating stories immensely. In the last few days I read almost 5 of his books and more than 10 marathi books. It feels so good to read something sometimes just because it is written in Marathi. I am surely gonna miss this…

P.S. BTW the name of the post is a proverb in Marathi which means one who reads will survive!

Project Aardvark.

Written on 9:01 AM by Tushar

Ever since I am back from an amazing trip from Kanha (gotta blog about that before memories fade away!) I am hooked to the net reading blogs, technical stuff, websites of various grad students and it has been tremendously exciting!

All of my friends who are pursuing masters’ degree in US are about to start summer internships that are quite uncommon in India. While reading JoelOnSoftware (I had never read this site before and I regret it!) I came across project Aardvark.

In project Aardvark, four interns shipped a full-fledged product in 10 weeks. Three of them were into technical aspects of the product and one of them was into marketing. This whole thing was made into a documentary called project Aardvark! I liked their website too!


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