careful...everyone is watching!

Written on 8:13 PM by Tushar

Read a nice article by Thomas Friedman in Palo Alto times -

"We do not live in glass houses(houses have walls); we live on glass microscope slides...visible and exposed to all. So whether you are selling cars or newspapers (or just buying one at the newsstand), get your hows right- how you build trust,how you collaborate,how you lead and how you say you're sorry. More people than ever will know about it when you do - or don't."

P.S That reminds me that I am yet to read "The world is flat". Btw I've recently started reading 'Freakonomics' and it's good!

the end and NOT the beginning

Written on 5:57 PM by Tushar

Mayur Bhaiya (one of my many dear cousins) tied the knot on 25th June:) I wish life time of happiness to the married couple...
This is the first important family function that I have missed so far apart from the Diwali gathering. I hope this is NOT the beginning!


all excited!

Written on 4:55 PM by Tushar

It’s very exciting to know that the stuff that you are working on is of interest to a large audience. Mails about my intern project are floating around on the IO resource management, Profiling and SAN practices mailing lists in VMware. Staff engineers (to the best of my knowledge – a position in VMware equivalent to a software architect) of VMFS (File system for the virtualized environment) , Storage stack of ESX server, Storage VMotion and Performance team have shown interest in my work!

The very reason that I am blogging at work is I cannot hide my excitement!

Back to work!

Written on 8:42 PM by Tushar

It has been just 3 days that I have joined VMware, Inc. as an R & D intern in the storage management group. I know so many people here that it is kind of homecoming for me:)

Almost everybody from Calsoft (my previous employer in India) who is working these days in US is in VMware. Many seniors from Apte Junior college are also VMware employees. I sit besides my undergrad classmate from VIT and one of my Calsoft colleagues. Apart from the exciting work it is fun to hang out with my old friends at my new company. The atmosphere in the company is dynamic, people are passionate about their work and learning opportunities are abundant.There are many fun events arranged for interns and as it seems it is going to be a great summer!

VMware trivia which I came to know during the new hire orientation: VMware is the fastest growing company in the history!

Traveling from San Jose to Palo Alto is a pain and I will have to search for my permanent accommodation soon! The toughest part so far is getting up early in the morning! Interestingly office timings are exactly opposite to the usual timings of any grad student and I will take some time to get used to work during the day time:)

I have become a total movie buff...I even took Netflix subscription and have watched Babel, City of God, Thank you for smoking and The prestige ever since I came to bay area on 29th May. The Indian grocery store owner in Milpitas gave me two Hindi movies to watch (Traffic Signal, Dor) for free:) Finished watching all the episodes of Scrubs that I had on my laptop. Watched a lot of TV (mostly That 70's show) and it has reaffirmed my belief that it is a waste of time! All the stuff that you would like to watch is available online and it is without annoying commercials!

I visited a Jain Mandir in Milpitas a day before my first day at work. After all every dollar bill also says 'In God we trust!'

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