Written on 9:52 AM by Tushar

My weekend was great as usual!

I had gone to the annual party of Kanbay on Friday. The venue was Pancards club. There were abt 4 k ppl! Being in Calsoft, I don’t see that many ppl often. There was live music, good food (Though I dint get an opportunity to have dinner:( ..) and BAR!! No need to tell that I dint booze :)...I met my friend Megha in the party, who works in Kanbay.
I saw a pathetic movie called Constantine the same day at the theatre Alka...Man! How come ppl make such movies and still manage to market it so well...Kaneu Reaves ruined all my happiness... We were a group of abt 7 to 8 ppl...all my classmates from VIT...Everybody took this opportunity to kick my a$$ as watching this movie was my idea :)

Saturday was reserved for sleeping though I sleep everyday as if there is no tomorrow :)...I called up my cousins in Aurangabad and a few friends here and there. My cousin Mayur from Aurangabad joined us at midnight. He had come to stay with us for Sunday. He had gone to Bombay for some work and took a halt at my place on the way back to Aurangabad.

On Sunday, We had planned to go to Panshet dam for boating. There were 6 of us…Sameer, Nitin, Abhijeet, Mayur bhaiya, Rajesh babu and last but not the least, me!

I left home at 730 in the morning along with Mayur bhaiya on my bike. After the brisk journey of 40 minutes on Pune Banglore highway we reached Bibwewadi where rest of the folks were going to join us.(40 kms in 40 minutes will give u an amazing figure for speed…If I mention this to my parents then they will put a lifelong ban on riding the bike!)

Road to Panshet goes via Khadakwasla. It’s also a dam which supplies water to Pune. It is a good place to hang out if u wanna stay away from the heavy traffic in Pune and not to forget, the pollution! The place facing the damn is converted into a small (and dirty!) chowpati where u will get (not so good) bhel and other chat items. The best part is corn which I love to eat! This place is very crowded on the public holidays and hence losing its charm slowly.

When we passed Khadakwasla it was just 9 o’ clock in the morning and the shore was almost empty. IAT (Institute of Armament Technology) is situated next to it. I must say that folks staying in there are very lucky.

The view of the road leading to Panshet is picturesque. I regret for getting the cam as the scenery on the road was great! Blue and clear water of river Mutha on one side and the fields nearby and the jungle on the other side of the road made the scene picture perfect! One could see the reflection of the mountains surrounding the whole area and the clouds in the sky in the clear water. We stopped at almost every turn to have a better look at this panoramic view.

As the winter was almost over, most of the trees had no leaves and we found many trees (I don’t know the name of that typeL) which had no leaves but beautiful red and orange flowers all over them! That indeed was worth a pic!

Soon we reached to Panshet at abt 10.

We took longer to reach than expected. The one way distance is merely 35 km.

There is one hotel on the dam side. We tasted almost all the items over there and went to the boat club.

As we were 6 ppl, we hired two peddle boats. The charges were minimal.

We landed in our boats. I, Mayur bhaiya and Abhya were in one boat. Sam, Nitin and Rajesh were in the others. Once we got the hang of how to manage the boat, we started playing pranks on each other. As we were two teams, the war soon began! Splashing water was not allowed so we were bound to do it!

Though there are many controversies abt who defeated whom, my team conquered the other and they became our slaves… As we all have lateral thinking and open minds we set them free. Someone should take a note of this while writing the history of my times.

The boating session dint last long and we were back in the hotel. It was afternoon and we were feeling sleepy. It being the only hotel nearby, it was the only place where we could have got shelter from the scorching heat. So we placed some order for the namesake and started chatting. We talked about good old college days. Had a hearty laugh! This completes my idea abt the idea weekend.

When we left for Pune I noticed that tire of Abhya’s bike was punctured. Everything was going as per the plan and now…twists in the tale! We took the bike to Panshet village. The repairing work took about an hour and we took this opportunity to chat with the villagers. The village was pretty clean and ppl were busy buying the vegetables from the bazaar.

While returning from Panshet we took a halt at Khadakwasla. I ate my favorite corn and we sat there chatting, sipping the hot tea, watching the ppl playing in the water.

The shore was full of ppl and everybody was having good time. Then all of a sudden, a herd of buffalos came running and jumped into the water forcing everybody to come out of water. It was a funny siteJ

We resumed the return journey and reached Pune at around 5 O’ clock.

In the mean time, it started raining…Can any weekend get better than this? What do u say?

Pics uploaded!

Written on 3:23 AM by Tushar

Finally I did it!

After doing R & D for a long time, I found the solution which is so trivial that u will wonder is there any need for brainstorming!

The thing is I finally uploaded my pics on the World Wide Web! I have put the pics of Calsoft picnic to Tapola, my convocation ceremony (I hope this is not the last one I attend in this lifetime! I have my fingers crossed…), Trek to Bhimashankar and last but not the least, New Year party at Prateek’ place.

The link is http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tusharnthole/my_photos.

Yahoo gives unlimited storage. The site offers very primitive features. But as this being the first time, I can live with that one!

I also experimented with tools like picasa and hello, both by google.

Hello is an IM (Instant Messenger) by google. This allows u to do picture transfer of any size. This is a very useful tool. U can upload the pics on the blog as well. The pics which I have uploaded on my blog are done using hello. I have no idea if u can upload the pics on other blog websites. It is possible here as all the google websites or products have to maintain the compatibility with others. This is the obvious goal I guess.

Picasa is the best photo editing software I have ever seen…I haven’t seen many but that’s a different story altogetherJ. Its power is simplicity. It makes the job of photo editing so simple that even a na├»ve user like me could do some tricks!

Do try using these softwares. I am not advertising google here though it is my dream to get in thereJ… I will do that some day for sure! Watch out this space in future…

Linux workshop!

Written on 10:05 AM by Tushar

I conducted a workshop on Linux kernel module programming and Advanced administration on 20th Feb, 2005.

The event was organized as a part of intercollegiate project exhibition held in D. Y. Patil College of engineering called “Texplosion”.

This Linux workshop was sponsored by Calsoft. In all 70 students from various colleges attended.

I taught a batch of 30 students along with my colleague Amit.

We covered following topics...

Advanced Linux Workshop: (Details)
Timing: 20-Feb-2005 [Sunday]
I. Topics Covered:
        - Linux Administration (Basic starting level)
        - Linux Kernel (module) programming
II. Sections of the workshop:
        1. Linux Administration:
                       - ifconfig (Show ip info)
                       - neat (Configure ip addresses 
                         [Static/dynamic/other options])
                       - Create a subnet of 3-4 nodes using
                         above tools
                       - Ftp (Basic configuration and usage)
                       - Http (Apache server configuration)
                       1. Default document_root
                       2. User specific document_root
                       3. Configuration through GUI and conf file
                       - NFS (Basic configuration and usage)
                       - Samba (Basic Configuration and usage)
                               1. Mount windows share in Linux
                               2. Add Linux share in windows
        2. Linux Module programming:
                       - Module programming basics
                       - create simple Hello World module (Linux 2.6.x)
                       - Basic compilation by generating own Make file (Linux 2.4/2.6)
                       - inserting and removing the module

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