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Today is my last day at work. Below is the mail which I sent to ''.

Dear all,

Today is my last day here...

I started my professional career from Calsoft which was like a second home to me. In the two year long stint, I learned a lot on the technical as well as professional front. Here I met a few people for whom 'action speaks louder than words' and a few for whom 'attitude is everything!' I made friends for the life time with whom I went for trekking, played football in the balcony, watched movies in office, converted the conference room into a TT hall, played rang panchami in office and did a lot of such crazy things together. It is good to see the wonderful rapport Calsoftians share with each other irrespective of whether one is from HR dept, sysadmin dept or a member of technical staff. Keep it up guys!

If you want to know the true meaning of the word 'camaraderie' then have a look at the Panasas team! You guys rock!

As it is said that change is the only thing constant in life and fortunately in my case the life is changing for the good. I will be joining Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA as a graduate student in Computer Science.

A special vote of thanks goes to Minu, Rameshwar, Riyaz, Ankur and Parag.
You people are really close to my heart.

Thanks to Asheesh: You have been very supportive.

Thanks to one and all. My best wishes for your future.

Keep in touch.


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