Romancing the Wall Street

Written on 10:19 AM by Tushar

Yesterday when we were having evening snacks in the company one of my colleagues mentioned about the reliance IPO. He had applied for 1000 shares and was going to take 1000 more for his bro. One of my colleagues’ mom had also invested in the same. I discussed this matter on phone with one of my friends and she said that she has already invested in it. I called up my tenant who deals with shares quite a lot to inquire what is the fuss about. He said he is going to buy shares of 99,000! Aaaaaaah… it seemed like a part of some dreaded conspiracy that everyone knows about and I was the only one who was ignorant about it. I called up my dad and asked him whether I should also take the plunge. He gave the green signal and I applied for 1000 shares of Reliance Petroleum:)…Wall street beware! Another Warren Buffet in making:P

Let me put in technical terms about my first ever shares' deal:
I have applied for 1000 equity shares of reliance petroleum. The face value of the share is Rs 10 and the floor price is 5.7 times of the face value and the cap price is 6.2 times that of the face value. The price band of the shares is 57 to 62 Rs.

Souds really geek! Isn't it!

If you don’t understand the terms in bold letters then you are not bitten by the Wall Street bug.

Have bought ‘Rich dad and poor dad’ a few days back and hope that enlightens me even more!

Brokeback Mountain

Written on 7:10 AM by Tushar

Yesterday night I had gone to watch this movie in the open-air theatre at BEG (Bombay Sappers), Khadki. The open-air theatre, named Gazni, is extremely nice and you can feel the freshness of the air you breath! Every Wednesday they screen an English movie and it was the second time* we blessed this place with our presence.

Brokeback Mountain is an Ang Lee masterpiece, which is “Based on the E. Annie Proulx story about a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years.” [Thanks to imdb for the plot outline]
The movie deals with a very delicate topic and something that is considered as a taboo in the society. The plight of those two ‘men in love’ couldn’t have been portrayed better. I particularly enjoyed the scenic locations, serene lakes! Great movie! Check out this to know more!

This movie was considered as a hot favorite at Oscars but couldn’t match the expectations. Still it won 3 academy awards. I had decided to watch as many Oscars nominated movies as I can and glad that I am making it happen.

*Last time we’d watched ‘The myth’ starring dream girl Mallika sherawat:) and Jacki chan at his worst. The movie sucked but we had a gala time cracking jokes every now and then!

Hazaro khwahishe aisi….

Written on 4:15 AM by Tushar

These days I have come across many wish lists on the web… Here goes mine… this is strictly for non-technical things!

The order holds no significance.

# To learn Warli painting.
One of the main reason why I would like to purse this is I am always fascinated by the art of painting and I am no good at it. I consider it as a very powerful tool to ‘express yourself!’ I have come across a workshop that is conducted at India Art Gallery in Pune where Warli tribal people themselves teach this art. This is really exciting! Lets see how it goes.

# TT / Ping Pong
These days I have started playing table tennis (or Ping Pong ! Now that’s a funny name!) in office in the free time. I am still learning the tricks of the game and I am enjoying it a lot. I was interested in this game since my school days just that volleyball took precedence over it. I hope to become as good as Forest Gump at it:)

# Pool / snooker
We have a pool table in office since ages and I have touched it just once! Now this sucks! Learning to play this game is on the high priority list!

That’s enough for wishlist.v1

hotels in Pune - I

Written on 7:13 AM by Tushar

Documenting all eating joints in Pune I have been to and have liked…Maybe it can help some soul in need :P…This is the first post in the series.

Disclaimer: I am not a gourmet but I love to experiment and believe in the saying ‘Variety is the spice of the life!’[No pun intended!]

Lets go area wise.

JM Road

New Yorker
Nice ambi, good variety, one of the few places on JM where you can actually hear the other person talking!

Pizza hut
Needs no introduction!

I usually avoid this place due to the crowd. I cannot enjoy my food if somebody is staring at me all the time expecting me to vacate my chair.
Great variety though.

Nice meeting joint for your gang.

It is very recently that I came to know that this place existed on JM. Amazingly well made Maharashtrian food. If you wanna try all flavors of Maharashtrian cuisine then a must visit place.

I love the ice-cream@ this place!

FC Road

The best place to chill on FC. I have spent hours sitting at this place.

Needs no introduction!

Great sizzlers. I tasted ‘wok’ too and liked it.

I absolutely love this place for the ambience, great background music [Listening to Jagjit Singh invariably reminds me of this place.] and great food.

Corn club
I love anything that is made of corn and that explains all.
Horn OK please
Good place, good food, innovative ambi!

China garden
Great chinese food.


Good ambience and great sizzlers

Pizza hut
Needs no introduction!

Good place to be when you haven’t decided what to eat…great variety

Deepek Sweets
Nobody makes better panipuri than this!

Even though this place mostly offers great variety for non-veggies it is a great place to spend an evening. Great ambience.

Polka Dots
Don’t know why people like this! Had tasted some weird Thai dish with one of my friends and I had stopped eating mushrooms for a long time:(

SB Road / University circle

Aloha – SB road
Nice ambiance , nice variety

University Choupati
Good Chinese and Maharashtrian food if you don’t think about the hygiene factor for some time.

That's enough for you to digest for today !
More to follow...

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