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Written on 5:37 PM by Tushar

I uploaded my website yesterday.

It took longer than expected (I spent significant amount of time for two days) and basically taught me the importance of having the right tools! With a little bit of googling I found a nice CSS on (Mine is created by Arcsin. Good job dude! ) Since I had already decided what stuff to put on the website the pages were already in place. So far so good… My laptop's Adobe dreamweaver trial version had expired and MS office 2003 did not have FrontPage. Those were the only two visual editors for HTML that I knew. Since I needed an alternative I tried Nvu, CoffeeCup editor and HTML Kit. Nvu is at least tolerable. In the end I had to copy my stuff to one of the lab machines in JHU to use FrontPage to fix some annoying image linking issues.

Initially I was planning to add a separate page to upload problem statements and design/performance documents for my academic course projects.Given that it will be a pain to keep the page up to date I decided to drop the idea.

Anyways I am pretty happy with its look and feel. Do let me know your comments.

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