How to win friends and influence people!

Written on 8:32 PM by Tushar

If you’re one of those who hate self-help books (maybe because you think perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai) then you can stop reading here. No donut for you :P

While growing up, this is probably the first book in this genre that I had heard of. Since it is written half century ago I was skeptical whether its advice is still relevant. I already had got myself burnt by reading ‘Eat that frog’. I guess only because I could get hands on its audio version we decided to give it a try during our road trip to Southern California during Thanksgiving. Both of us loved it and finished (listening to) it in two days flat!

The book is replete with great and easy-to-follow advice .All the “techniques” (Btw it would be really ironic if you realize that you need to learn/master a something as fundamental as “Smile!”) are explained with the help of witty anecdotes. This is unusual given that most of the books in self-help genre are such that you immediately figure out that their authors are the ones who need help the most :)

I’m so impressed that I’ve put its summary in my office. Highly recommended!

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  1. Parag |

    yes, i'm one of those, not because i think anything about me is perfect, but because advice doesn't sink in me easily, so spending time reading them is not too fruitful. my dad has been telling me to read these very books "how to win.." and other Dale Carnegies, and the "Rich Dad.." for years now :P

  2. Vishal |

    I somwhow dont like central idea of this book that you have to do something this way or that way...It talks more bout external things,, and does not go to ghat sense I find "7 habits of highly effective people" and "Tne tao of Pooh" much better, they work at core...

  3. Tushar Thole |

    @vishal, you're right in pointing out that this book talks about a lot of external measures.One thing that Dale stresses a lot in the book is that you should be sincere at heart while using any of his suggestions. You will be surprised how effective and easy-to-follow these suggestions are once you start using them in your day-to-day life. Also IMO changing your behavior for good is the first step towards truly changing your inner self(core). Also I have not read the other books that you've mentioned yet but will love to check them out. Thanks!


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