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Written on 1:46 AM by Tushar

It’s quite funny to “read” a book containing photographs (along with some commentary) and then write a review about it. But believe me this book is worth it.

After staying in US where people call half century old stuff “historic”, I desperately want to read up some book about India’s magnificent past (Any suggestions?). So I grabbed this one when it came in my way. Even though it does not quench my knowledge thirst in any way ; after investing about a couple of hours into it I touched upon some epoch- making events in Indian History and also came to know about origins of some of the most famous photographs.

Apart from an introduction from Khushwant Singh it contains timeless images from some of the most celebrated photographers such as Raghu Rai, Steve McCurry , Raghubir Singh and others. Recommended!

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  1. W0lf |

    Hey Tushar,

    I read some nice books on Indian history in the last few years, and I found all of them to be really amazing, perhaps you may be interested in some of them:

    India - A History: John Keay
    A Brief History of The Great Moghuls - Bamber Gascoigne (old classic)
    पुण्याचे पेशवे - अ.रा.कुलकर्णी
    Baburnama - Babur (translated by W.M.Thackston Jr.)

  2. W0lf |

    Almost forgot, there's also a nice BBC documentary posted on youtube, called "The story of India" presented by Michael Wood.

  3. Tushar Thole |

    @wolf - Thanks!

  4. Pritash Chaudry |

    Have U read ' A TRAIN TO PAKISTAN'? If no then its a must read. It depicts history that hits hard.

  5. Tushar Thole |

    @ Pritash: thanks for your comment! I had started reading 'train to pakistan' 3 to 4 years back but never finished it. Glad that you reminded me. Will add it to my reading list:)


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