Holi hai...

Written on 3:14 AM by Tushar

Holi always reminds me of my good old childhood days when I used to play with colors like anything:)...yesterday I had planned to go to a party 'Rang de' organised at pancards club.
I got up late, rushed to Pune to catch a movie 'Taxi no 9211'. It's a nice movie.John looks amazing and Nana rocks as usual! Ramesh Sippy has produced yet another feel good movie after 'Bluffmaster'. His movies are much like Hollywood flicks where you can relate to the charecters. They look real and not reel. I enjoy a movie more if I can relate to the theme of the movie and get a feeling that something like that can happen with me too!

After the movie we rushed to Pancards. Had a good time there dancing to the tunes of the DJ in the artificial rain. These parties _CANNOT_ match the fun you will have with your friends playing holi at your place. But nowadays since everybody has become busy and time is hard to find one has to search for other options to have a good time and enjoy the festival. I still remember the holi celebrated in my final year with almost 40 boys from my college. We were on
rampage and had a helluva fun:)

Rain dance soaked all the energies and we went to my office to have a shower...Yep.My office has all those facilities.It is much like Google in that respect:) After getting all neat and prim we went to Pizza hut to grab a bite of freshizzas. We chatted for almost 2 hours talked on topics ranging from movies,life, relationships to what not. Felt amazingly good to spend long hours with

My faithful reader, hope you had a good time too!

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  1. Kunal Kushwaha |

    Seems u guys had gr8 time.. I really missed that..anyway next time.. :)

  2. Anonymous |

    Yes...I had good time in office doing work :)


  3. Nitin |

    I also had good time at Home with my family.It is fun to celebrate Holi in Village. Not a single wood log was burnt this time in Village.
    "Save Forests"


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