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Written on 7:09 AM by Tushar

Go through the following conversation between me and one of my friends named Person_A below for the sake of anonymity.

(17:29:20) Tushar: m going thru ur blog
(17:30:49) Person_A: Person_B has started his own blog and is asking me to promote it :D ... he's standing over my shoulder asking me to do it ... :P ... so pls see this link ...
(17:31:00) Tushar: oh:P
(17:31:01) Tushar: sure
(17:31:10) Tushar: ask him to go thru my link too:D
(17:31:16) Tushar: tit for tat:|
(17:31:17) Person_A: ok done deal
(17:31:35) Person_A: man ... i feel like a dalal
(17:31:53) Tushar: =))

This is what you call brand promotion!! Do you _really_ need a degree from IIMs:)

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  1. AG |

    You force people no more to comment on your blog? ;)

  2. Tushar Thole |

    AG: I still do but have become a lil considerate since u guys have become really busy:(

  3. Amrita |

    Boy... I am poor at brand promotion then... :P
    Ref: the very much thing that the post talks abt... :-j

  4. Anonymous |

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