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Written on 10:31 AM by Tushar

This is a story about one of my friends.

We were the closest pals during my engineering days. I used to spend hours at his place studying [Sounds funny? Believe me that’s the truth]. We watched movies together, roamed in Pune for long hours and most importantly dreamed about life.

We had lot of things in common. We wanted to make it big… He was a wizard when it came to programming. He was crazy about that thing and I used to wonder how can anybody spend so much on books [Actually I still do]. I must say, to a certain degree, this guy made me aware of my own capabilities.

After finishing engineering we started our career in the same company. Things didn’t work out well with him and he quit his job and worked somewhere else. That was when I lost contact with him. Later that year he left for further studies to The Netherlands. We never had a formal fight but there was something which kept us away from each other. I didn’t even go to wish him luck for his future when he was flying.

The reason for this post is… today I met his father. He was absolutely delighted to see me. Most importantly he was very concerned about what happened between us. He was very happy to know that I too have got an admission to the same university as his son. He kept talking for almost an hour about his son and recalled the memories of good times.

Now I am feeling horrible about myself. I could have taken the initiative to break the ice.

Better late than never.. I want to tell him that I AM SORRY.

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