Tuning and optimizations…

Written on 2:51 AM by Tushar

Do you think that tuning and optimizations are useful only while writing solid and efficient code?

-You daily spend at least 10 hours in the lab apart from 3 to 4 hours of classes and practically you don’t find time to talk on phone with your dear ones. You realize that one way walk to the university takes 20 minutes and you cannot study during that time. Ideally you can but then your life officially sucks. So you use that time to make calls. Everybody is happy. You are using your time effectively.

On weekends you set aside an hour or two to make calls to most of your friends and that is the best way to remain sane.

- Indian Graduate Student Association arranges a fun evening with games, dinner and screening of the movie Sholey. The idea sounds really great and you wanna go but you have a Programming Languages homework due so you show up only for dinner.

- Indian movie club at Hopkins ‘Tarang’ screens a movie every Saturday night. It has been 4 weeks now and you have managed to watch only one movie for an hour.

- You _have_ to stock up foods for at least a fortnight as it is difficult to find an hour to go to the grocery store.

- Even though you get a lot of fresh vegetables from the grocery store and you know that it is harmful to eat ready to cook stuff regularly due to its high sodium contents you end up having maggi or likes for the dinner coz you don’t have time to cook as you have to rush to the lab as early as possible.

- You don’t mind spending the night in the lab. Sleeping on two chairs is not really fun but once you get used to it it’s not bad either.

- You figure out that there are dishes in the grad lounge apart from free coffee and the kitchen the grad lounge is cleaner than the one at your place. In short you can live there. So you carry the fork so that you can eat food there sipping (harmful) cold drinks and reading (free)(mostly techi) magazines (though you would have preferred to read any movie gossip magazine as that is the only way you will discover (mostly a month or two later) that Oscars got over or Abhishek and Aishwarya got engaged )

- You figure out that the OS project is due on Sunday and you have four days to go so tonight might be the optimal choice for writing a blog else you know that you never will.

Welcome to grad life my friend!

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  1. Parag |

    wow. great post! i liked the fork thing :P

    http://www.phdcomics.com, ppl at my univ are planning to call the artist for a lecture :)

  2. ok_khallas |

    ha ha ha........
    so now in future i gonna get regular phone calls from US na ?

  3. Siddharth |

    Welcome to grad life indeed! :)

  4. Anoop Kunchukuttan |

    Tough indeed :)

  5. Minu |

    It is not as tough as it sounds..! You eventually get used to it :)

  6. Tushar Thole |

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Tushar Thole |

    @Parag: Thanks:P

    @OK_KHALLAS: Sopya, sify gharachya jawal aahe..chakkar takne:D

    @Siddharth: :)

    @Anoop: Life at IIT must be no different I guess.

    @minu: Very true. Optimism is 'the' way to survive:)


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