Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Live In Concert!

Written on 3:18 PM by Tushar

I love Sufi music! So when we learnt that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was going to perform in Bay area how could we let this opportunity go! Even though the show was poorly organized Rahat mesmerized the audience and created magic through his voice! He sung most of his immensely popular bollywood songs which stand out from the noise just because of his voice. The best part was that he also sung a lot of Qawaalis that are made immortal by his uncle, Shahenshah-e-Qawwali Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Here are some of the songs that he sung. (Invested an entire Sunday morning to find nice videos of Nusrat and Rahat in action.Don't forget to have a look!)

On a side note people were literally throwing money on him which we thought was really inappropriate. But after looking at this youtube video it seems it's a tradition in the country Rahat belongs to! So never mind :)

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  1. Saudamini |

    man all these originals are far far better than the new ones.

  2. Vishal |

    He is nice...some of his songs like "Bol na halke" are too good..

  3. flinty |

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUG63Aykm4g man check this video out to see how much of a tradition it is of showering the singers with money. Damn I wish I was in NY or san fran, would never have missed rahat's concert no matter what.
    Any idea if he is coming back to america anytime soon.

  4. Tushar Thole |

    @finty - Thanks! I have no idea when is he will perform again in US. Sorry!


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